At the heart of every school is a sense of profound care for its students, a care that extends beyond curriculum—indeed, providing school safety lays the foundation for learning in the classroom. However, we also know that ensuring security in today’s world is complex and challenging. At Hour-Zero, we’re here to make that easier, so you can focus on nurturing enthusiastic learners.

We know that as you close out one school year and begin preparing for next year, the to-do list is already lengthy. That’s why we are opening The Supply Store.

The Supply Store will make it easier for you to order emergency supplies and equipment, classroom teaching materials, and swag to promote safety at your school.

Have a look around. Let us know if you are looking for something specific and, if you don’t see it in the store; we’ll put our team to work to find it for you. Stay tuned to the Briefing Blog for pertinent information on school emergency preparedness and to watch for new items being offered at the store.

We look forward to creating a culture of preparedness with you!



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