Hour-Zero School Emergency Program is the leading provider of K-12 school emergency programs across North America.

The Hour-Zero program is used by thousands of teachers, administrators, and first responders in schools and districts ranging in size from single school sites to districts with hundreds of schools.

By using best practices and applying leading research, we help you ensure you have school emergency plans that are comprehensive, compliant and current.

Hour-Zero provides districts with the tools, tactics, and training needed to prepare your staff and students for emergency situations.

Create, manage, and maintain all aspects of your emergency program with Hour-Zero and, be able to seamlessly share critical information with first responders.

Whether in a classroom, office or on the run, Hour-Zero is:

  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Economical

Hour-Zero has a proven track record of helping keep students and staff safe since 1999. From classroom to Board Room, we have you covered.