First Aid #3 Kit

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  • First Aid #3 Kit
First Aid #3 Kit First Aid #3 Kit

First Aid #3 Kit

$82.49 $69.75 -15%


A well-stocked first-aid kit can help schools respond to common injuries and to more serious emergencies.

Schools are required to have a first aid kit. Regulation first aid kits must meet regulations set out by each jurisdiction; these regulations change on a continuing basis. The type and number of kits your school requires will vary depending on your location, size of school, number of staff, potential hazards, etc. You can assemble your own or buy a pre-assembled one.

Determining your first aid supplies and equipment

  1. How many people at your school/office?
While the legislation does not require you include students in your count, for schools, we recommend you students be included in this number.
    1. What’s your hazard rating?
    This rating reflects the nature and extent of risks and hazards at your location. For first aid purposes, legislation generally recognizes 3 levels of hazards ratings: low, moderate, and high.
      1. How long does it take to reach a hospital?
      Your first aid supplies and equipment requirements will change if it takes more than 20 minutes to transport an injured person to a hospital by road or water.
        1. Refer to Mandated Legislation
        Refer to your provincial/state OHSA / OSHA regulations to determine what first aid kits, facilities, emergency vehicles, and equipment you need.

          If you need assistance in determining what type and/or the number of kits you need – contact us and we’ll help you determine the correct type and number to meet your mandated requirement.

          For emergency purposes, we recommend you keep at least the equivalent of a #3 first aid kit with, or in, your Incident Command Post kit.

          Product Details

          #3 First Aid Kit Contents – 248 pieces

          24 - antiseptic cleansing towelettes

          100 - adhesive dressings

          50 - 10 cm x 10 cm gauze pads

          6 - 10 cm x 10 cm compress dressings

          6 - 15 cm x 15 cm compress dressings

          4 - 20 cm x 25 cm abdominal dressings

          6 - conform gauze bandages, 75 m wide

          12 - cotton triangular bandages

          12 - safety pins, assorted sizes

          1 - pair of scissors

          1 - pair of tweezers

          2 - 25 mm x 4.5 m rolls adhesive tape

          4 - tension bandages, 75 mm x 4.5 m

          1 - resuscitation barrier device

          12 - pairs of disposable surgical gloves

          2 - sterile, dry eye dressings

          1 - tubular finger bandage & applicator

          1 - first aid instruction manual

          1 - inventory of kit contents

          2 - waterproof waste bags

          1 - soft-sided carrying case



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