School Emergency Response Plan Binder

  • School Emergency Response Plan Binder

School Emergency Response Plan Binder



The School Emergency Response Plan binder contains the policy, procedures, and processes of the HZ School Emergency Response Plan as applicable to a school setting. This provides a redundant copy of resources from HZ Online, which can be used during evacuations or infrastructure failure.

Schools should further populate and maintain this binder with current information (site specific reports from HZ Online) for their respective school.

The binder is divided into sections and includes the following:

  • Plan Overview and Framework
  • Role and Responsibilities
    • SERT Summary Card
    • Incident Commander Start-Up Card
    • Role Guides for each position – Responsibility, Authority, Start-Up Actions, On-Going Actions, Closure Actions
  • Protocols - Functional and Incident-Specific
    • Definitions
    • Detailed instructions and scenarios for Functional Protocols (On-Alert, Lock-Down, Hold and Secure, Shelter-in-Place, Evacuate, Drop-Cover-Hold, All-Clear)
    • Student Release Instructions
    • Dealing with Non-Class Time and Off-site Emergencies
    • How to use Status Cards
    • Implementing Buddy Teams
    • Level 1, 2, 3 Emergency Procedures for SERT and ACT members (currently 36 documented)
    • Classroom Protocol Summary Card
  • Forms  -  those most commonly used by schools
  • Additional Organizational tabs for Contacts and Notes

Recommend - minimum one copy per school site.

It is also advisable to have at least copies for the District Emergency Operations Center.

Print products are only available to schools/districts that own an Hour-Zero Premium license. If you are interested in obtaining an Hour-Zero license, contact